Be a Great Neighbor!


Please keep your grass cut and bushes trimmed. Especially keep bushes around windows cut to window sill level or below, not only for aesthetics, but also to allow fire department personnel to gain access during an emergency if necessary.


Save our trees! While it is important to keep your yard maintained, please do not cut down trees unless they are dead or dying, and please do not completely remove all shrubbery. The old growth and heavy flora are among the things that set Jackson Heights apart from other neighborhoods. Also, there is a city ordinance against tree cutting.

Help us maintain our “woodland beauty in the middle of the city” – our trees, flowers and nature-rich community where sightings of cotton-tailed rabbits and majestic hawks are common. See also: Save Our Trees.


Do not allow your dogs to roam free in the neighborhood. Please observe the leash law. Our yards are large, providing plenty of room for free-roaming in a fenced-in backyard area. Or walk your pooch around the neighborhood on a leash where you will meet your fellow canine-loving neighbors who are out walking their dogs as well! When walking your dog, please be considerate and bring along a plastic bag or pooper-scooper.

If your dog barks constantly, please keep it inside your house. Please do not tie up dogs outside on a chain where they may bark nonstop for hours at a time, disturbing the peace and tranquility of our neighborhood. See also: Going to the Dogs.


Please drive the speed limit on our streets. And remember to come to a full stop at all stop signs. Watch out for our neighborhood children! Also, please drive contentiously to avoid running over our wildlife (rabbits, turtles, squirrels, etc.).

Trash & Garbage Pickup

Do not put your trash or garbage out more than 48 hours before a scheduled city pickup. This is the maximum time allowed by law. Violations are subject to a $400 fine from the city. Encourage your lawn maintenance workers to come on the Wednesday or Thursday of a trash pickup week. Check the schedule first: Garbage & Trash Pickup Schedule

General Aesthetics

Please store unsightly objects (old rusting cars, sports equipment, trailers, etc.) in your back yard. Upgrade your mailbox if it is looking sad. Tidy up outdoor spaces. Help us keep neighborhood aesthetics high, which contributes greatly to improve our property values and to encourage quality people to move here.

Save the Grass

Please do not park cars on your front lawn unless as a temporary measure during a party or other gathering. Consistent parking on lawns kills the grass and degrades the appearance of the neighborhood.


We encourage you to not patronize solicitors, for your own safety and the safety of your bank account. See also: Squelch Solicitation

Neighbors in Need

We maintain a list of volunteers who are willing to help out the elderly and the infirm in our neighborhood – change a lightbulb, take the garbage can out to the street and bring it back in, etc. If you are willing to help out now and then, or if you know of someone who could use help, send us an email so that we can work on matching up a volunteer with a neighbor in need.


Thank you for doing your part to keep Jackson Heights beautiful, peaceful and an outstanding community!