Maps & Plats

Neighborhood Boundaries

The official street boundaries of Jackson Heights are:

Western Boundary:  Jackson Drive / Weatherford Ave west end cul-de-sac / Byron Avenue West / Ridge Crest Court

Eastern Boundary:  Jackson Blvd / McQueen Avenue

Northern Boundary:  Airport Blvd / Weatherford Avenue

Southern Boundary:  Ridge Crest Court southern end / Byron Avenue cul-de-sac / Springview Drive

Other Streets Included in the JHAA

The JHAA (Jackson Heights Area Association) is so named to include a collection of streets which, while not officially part of Jackson Heights, are nevertheless tightly integrated with Jackson Heights itself.  These other streets/subdivisions are:

Mayfair Hills:  Carnation, Larkspur, Thrift and Mayflower Streets

Jackson Estates (partial):  Jackson Drive, the easternmost boundary of the small subdivision known as Jackson Estates.

There are approximately 350 homes within the JHAA boundaries.

Maps / Plats / Aerial Shots

The plats below show block and lot numbers, and lot size dimensions.

JHAA Boundaries Map
This is an aerial map of the streets in our area.  This map shows the neighborhood boundaries marked for the developments which make up the JHAA and the neighborhoods bordering us on the east and west.

Plat of the Development (2009)
This is a plat of the Jackson Heights area, printed in 2009.  Jackson Heights, part of Jackson Estates (Jackson Drive) and Mayfair Hills (Mayflower, Thrift, Larkspur and Carnation) are considered part of the JHAA.  Though not part of the JHAA, the Hillview development and other adjacent neighborhoods are also shown on this plat.

Original Plat of the Development (1947)
This is the original plat from 1947, which displays only the streets officially considered to be Jackson Heights.