Garbage & Trash Pickup

Note that Mobile makes a distinction between “garbage” (food and other household garbage) and “trash” (yard clippings, large items like old furniture, etc.).

Household Garbage Pickup


Garbage Day for the Jackson Heights area is every Tuesday morning. Only city garbage containers may be used.

To obtain a garbage container, or for more information about refuse collection, consult the City of Mobile website:

The Tuesday garbage collection map can be found here:×11.pdf

Big Trash Pickup


Trash Day is also referred to as Big Trash pickup or “Claw Day” for the truck which comes with a big claw to pick up large items. Big Trash pickup for the Jackson Heights area is every other Friday morning.

“Big Trash” includes grass and other yard clippings, boxes and any other large items which are not generally considered regular household garbage.

The pickup schedule can also be found on the City of Mobile website here: