City Services

Police Emergency: 911

If you see what appears to be a burglary in progress, don’t hesitate, call 911 rather than the non-emergency number.

Police Non-Emergency: 251-208-7211

Use this number for non-emergencies, such as reporting a suspicious person or vehicle spotted in the area.

Our neighborhood is in the 2nd Precinct.

City Information & Reporting of Issues:  311

A catch-all dispatch that will route your call to the appropriate city agency for issues such as street lighting, traffic signals, pot holes, violations of the garbage and trash law, animal control, and many other city services.

Wild Animal Removal:  251-342-0048

For removal of live wild animals (e.g., a raccoon stuck in your attic), contact TruTech, Inc. This is a for-profit service and charges will be involved.